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     I had a company flying in and needed a good scrub down of my flat. A friend suggested Carpet Cleaner Little Ilford. Their cleaning services were affordable, and the cleaners were terrific. I will be using their cleaning services in the future.
Melissa B.21/05/2020
     I have had several cleaning experiences with different companies. However, CarpetCleanersLittleIlford impressed me more with the high-quality carpet cleaning service that they provided.
     It is so nice having someone come in and do all the house cleaning that I hate doing. Makes my life so much less stressful and I have so much more time to myself thanks to Carpet Cleaner Little Ilford.
Yvette Cloney30/03/2018
     Wonderful service, wonderful team and excellent carpet cleaning from Carpet Cleaning Little Ilford. Not to mention great prices. These guys have if all.
Myles Kilter13/12/2017
      Cleaning Companies Little Ilford delivered a marvellous rug cleaning service for us and saved us from replacing our rugs with new ones! We had owned the rugs for years and they were hand woven and expensive, but looked dirty. Anyway, we thought rather than replace them we would try out having them cleaned first. The technicians were cautious and did do a sample clean first to make sure there would be no shrinkage or fading, which I was very happy with. We were over the moon with the results and the fact that the rugs look so clean means we can keep them a little longer!
Todd Williams14/07/2015
     This last year has been a busy one and since relocating back to the UK after working abroad I realised that with my demanding career I would need some outside help with keeping my home looking it's best. That's why I hired Little Ilford Carpet Cleaners and I can safely say that this was probably the best decision I ever made! The cleaners are reliable, efficient and not to mention friendly. They get on with any job handed to them and exceed even my highest standards and expectations. You've really set the bar that much higher! I'm thrilled!
     I would definitely recommend Little Ilford Carpet Cleaners to take care of your cleaning. I enjoy coming home on a Friday night after a long week at work knowing my cleaning has been taken care of and all my laundry has been done for the following week. The cleaning staff, when I see them, are polite and courteous and very hard working. They do not stop until their work is done and my flat is spotless. I cannot imagine having to do my own housework, I honestly don't know how I would find the time. I know several people who use their services.
     Office cleaners are not easy to find. There will be plenty of companies out there, but finding a team who have the skill, dedication and drive at the right price is hard. I have been using Little Ilford Carpet Cleaners at our office for a long time now, and they are excellent. I have no idea how they have managed it, but they are well liked amongst the staff, as well as being excellent at what they do. A good price range on top of all of that gives you a winner as far as I am concerned!
Rose Williams31/07/2014
     My cleaner has done wonders to my home! I'm so impressed at the overall quality of service Little Ilford Carpet Cleaners provide. I've only had my cleaner for three months and I already know that she is going to be around for a very long time. I was worried that the cleaning standards would be an issue with how low the price was but that wasn't an issue at all! I would recommend hiring a cleaner through this company to anyone and everyone. The employees are well trained and know exactly what they are doing. So helpful and friendly!
     I have to thank Little Ilford Carpet Cleaners for what you did for me. My house had become a great source of stress for me because of all the mess but I was unable to see to it myself. I called you up, hoping that you could help me and you did. Your quotes made sure I got a good deal and the right help. Your cleaners were friendly and helpful and they worked hard. They did everything so I didn't have to because they washed up, polished things, a vacuumed the floors, sorted my mess, got rid of litter, did away with stains and much more. I couldn't be happier with the result.
Denise Granger20/06/2014
     I was getting on in years and was finding it hard to get the house work done. I was given the details of a cleaning company by my health visitor so thought I would give them a call. Little Ilford Carpet Cleaners were wonderful to deal with. The office staff made a date for my home cleaning to be sorted. The cleaning girls were very nice and polite and worked nonstop all day. The cleaners did the polishing, vacuuming and mopping throughout the house, as well as paying extra details to the bathroom and kitchen. The finished result was outstanding and worth every penny.
Betty R.26/05/2014
     I have used this company Little Ilford Carpet Cleaners for many months now, they do an amazing job and I just want to tell others how great they are. If like me you have a busy schedule and struggle to find time to do these household duties, they are a godsend! I used to stress about not having time to fit everything in and now I do not worry about that anymore as I have the cleaning company visit me regularly. I'd be lost without them, If you are unsure, as I was at first, I'd say try them out because they are very good, helpful and friendly.
Jane T.08/05/2014
     When I moved into my new flat I wanted everything to be perfect, and I had so much work to do, unpacking and preparing everything that I wanted to save some time and call in a cleaner. I really didn't know where to start as I've never used a cleaning company before and I didn't know how much it would cost. I called Little Ilford Carpet Cleaners and their quoted price was the cheapest so I went for it, and they performed the most comprehensive clean of a house that I have ever seen. I almost had to tell them to stop and I'd finish they were absolutely brilliant! From the inside of my cutlery draws to the skirting boards the place was spotlessly clean.
Emily L.08/04/2014
     Finding a way to get rid of those wine stains after a party has been one of the things which has held us back from hosting big events in our home. Even with all the planning in the world, and the best guests, we can never seem to avoid one or two little spills. And the little ones are the worst, because you barely notice them. Still, it isn't a problem for us any more, not since we discovered the services of Little Ilford Carpet Cleaners. They do their best to get everything looking just like new and it really helps us.
Donald Hughes19/03/2014

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